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.leethax is a file extension attached to some files that you may find yourself receiving from '''Dablords United '''or someone stealing their file extension. This type of file is an encrypted data storage file, that you will usually need to get a verification key for. The .leethax type is the most generally used one, however others exist listed below.

.leethaxboi | Usually is harder to get a verification key (For more protected files)

.dbcertify | A file containing certification information verifying certain information to the developers (For Devs)

.coreY6 | Impossibly Hard To Access, the server containing them is encrypted (???)

.thatsrightgetnoscopedboi | The code is only available to the owner of Dablords United (AKA MinecraftMaster3345)

.yeex | A zip file directed towards anyone with the Zip-File-Code Issue 1

.yeexv2 | The second issue of the yeex zip encryption file

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