This contains spoilers from a unreleased game... And undertale!!! Asriel is the soul inhabiting Flowey. It was brought back after flowey got human souls from his life in Undertale 1.0. After attaining this he asks the player to try to fight him. Upon doing this Asriel is killed instantly. Asriel thinks at first that you are a person known as Sans, M.S. Than after being killed asriel returns later in the plot of Undertale 1.5. Asriel can be triggered in a few ways. First setting the settings.ini value fl_tale to 3 or above will trigger flowey to tell you that you are a dirty hacker at the beginning of the game. This variable has many hidden or secret values you can trigger to alter the game. But the game itself says this is unwise as it claims this is only for beta testers. This will also trigger a quote from W.D GASTER to appear that says 'STOP HACKING AND PLAY THE GAME NORMAL' - W.D GASTER. Asriel's past is mostly mysterious and strange. But the game has not shown all of it's secrets yet... Some will never be found! Other than this asriel is one of the characters that remember you. It also crosses timelines between Undertale 1 and Undertale 1.5.

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