White snow dragon, with dragonrider monk

The term "dragon" is actually the term for a wide variety of creatures, including wyverns. Generally speaking, dragons can fly and breathe fire, or at the very least are fireproof. Adult dragons tend to be on the large side of things, and they love gold, silver, gems, etc. However, they are facing extinction as heroes often get it into their heads to go out and kill some to steal their treasure, and they have been known to spontaneously combust if ill. They are usually quite smart, and in some cases can even talk. They are hostile when provoked, and some of the older ones look for fights, but the are easily bribed with large quantities of shiny objects. If you meet one, it is advised to hide underwater, as you become fireproof that way. However, there are some dragons (ice dragons) that breathe ice, so it may not always be advisable.However, the dragon may not see you, so it's better than nothing. They have tough skin, and goblins prize dragon armor very highly.