It can be performed using rituals, many are documented by ancient races who knew the ways of doing so, all that are known are documented here.

Enchantments List

#/ID6 Name Tools Of Application Effect Application Technique
-429 Gapple


(This is unknown)
Causes strange

(Shiny Effect),

& Makes weapon

Possible to eat,

No more known

It is possible to use a

gapple to enchant

the weapon with this


420 Dab

Of Fyre

Causes dabbing

to spread fire

around area, size

increases based

on enchantment


(LV I-X)

It is unseen...
001 Curse



Holding or thinking

about the afflicted

item causes extreme

hunger issues

This one was never

known to the public,

but items with the curse

were sold by local

stores before health

inspection was invented

002 Neural


Applied to armor Any memories of

the person wearing

the afflicted armor

gained while looking

at them are lost when

you lose sight of them

Nobody can remember

because the creators

looked away from the


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