Not to be confused with jumping (verb), an activity where one briefly ascends into the air before landing.

Jumpers are a group of magically gifted people capable of traversing the boundaries between worlds, and even going from one dimensional set (a group of dimensions between which it is easy to travel) to another. Usually only the most powerful of mages mages are even capable of discerning the existence of alternate dimensions, let alone traversing them, and the circumstances that allow a person to gain the ability to Jump are among that person's most closely guarded secrets. Jumpers almost always have no living relatives, and often end up settling on a planet they like, and quickly ascend the ranks to positions of fame and power. Jumpers generally live much longer than other members of their race, and unexplainabley tend to be human or a similar race, possibly due to humans unusually large Determination factor. Some of the more powerful Jumpers include Ali, the Mask, The Merchant, John Duke, Oriam the False Deity, and The One With No Name.

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