A mountain on the Surface of the Earth, it is currently the only known point of entry into the Underground. So far, eight humans have fallen through Mt. Ebott's Barrier into the Underground. The first one was Chara, who was adopted as a second child by Asgore and Toriel, king and queen of the underground. However, in an attempt to break the barrier which kept the monsters from getting to the surface, she killed herself, hoping to have Asgore merge souls and break the barrier. However, Asgore backed out at the last moment, and his son, Asriel Dremurr, was also killed in a tragic turn of events. In his grief the king declared that any human who entered the underground would be killed, their soul preserved until he had enough to break the barrier forever. The next 6 who fell were therefore killed, often by the royal guard. The 7th, Frisk, somehow enbded up saving the underground, with the help of Asriel (who had been reincarnated as a soulless flower)

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