A town probably related to New London. As the legend goes it is somewhat older than the other town. It had a toxic silt mine. Whoever had handled toxic silt would be susceptible to idea's. Such as a rumor of a box that killed all who opened it. All who opened it fulfilled all their own grim predictions. Because visitors would see images of the town 50 years ago it was a happy town. It's look never changed although it was run down. When the gas mine closed up the eerie people went away. But they were solid, unlike other things generated by the gas. So no one knows what they were. Orphan's Yeep is believed too be the starting point of Network 404. There have been many alien sightings here recorded before it fell apart. The whole town was built around a X'ptho landing terminal. A large towering building with advanced technology. There is also the old Network 404 base. There are many burned up holes similar too explosions with no residue from the explosive. Also Orphan's Yeep is under Gravity Falls. The town smells somewhat like sulfur now. And it is habituated by Creeper's now. The only way to access orphans yeep is through the toxic silt mines. The mines are up by the railroad in gravity falls. Due to this only a Creeper can access it. Underground it is covered in peat moss and Creeper residue. The ruler is the reclusive Coin Yee. Who left long ago to join the Freezing Cree War. For a while when the gas mines were still open, you could still get a secret train ticket to the town... They called it a ghost town, the ticket had no listed destination upon it. They would move the train cars while inside a tunnel... And walking into the town would be weird as it would look run down at first.

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