This is a program designed by pathoid's in order to further coordinate paths between dimensions. Apparently it used this code:

66X: 4-0-4 Id: NetworkerIDFalse9090887666 INTERGRITY COMPRIMISED HACKER= False when code begins>>> $Dollarsgn $EXE CODE%.5 $DELEGATE PORT5 $HACK MOD87 %$Run.<%s> | Begin networking code .exe | 404BA56FGASV&^PP5 += Code.X' PTHOfILE | / - \ | LOAD IS COMPLETED BY 5000 [404errorbroadcastcode420] 86 Faults = Shtdwn Cord=pth1[perx] Cord=pth22[perxp] perxp set code ###$NONERBFSX$### Autocd->

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