Peridot is the green gem from steven universe [Guess what!!! You can't edit this, its too important!] Peridot is also the inspiration behind this entire wiki. Peridot is one of the most important gems in the history of the Peridot Wiki. So important that this page was reserved for admins to edit. Peridot is part of the gem fusion that makes up Rainbow Suga-Perilite who is the creator of this page and the wiki. You can read more about rainbow Suga-Perilite on MinecraftMaster3345's profile page. Peridot has multiple fake limbs attached to itself that can, show a computerized log, and control spaceships, as well as fire lazers. Peridot is also the secret pushing force behind the entire Peridot network as confirmed by Rainbow Suga-Perilite on 11-21 SAT 2015 at the homeworld gem-con. Peridot is for the most part shrouded in great mystery and, is the only one who knows Yellow Diamond's full face. Peridot was speculated to know the secrets of the universe for a long time until it was confirmed by peridot itself that this was not true. Peridot too this day remains forever fused into rainbow Suga-Perilite. Peridot is also why rainbow Suga-Perilite is able to build or hack anything with amazing effecency. Peridot was once in the illuminati but quit after learning their plan to nuke gem homeworld. Peridot is why the illuminati no longer exist and also why homeworld still exists. After the illuminati betrayed Peridot, peridot fired nukes at their base and destroyed them forever. Peridot also knows how to defuse a bomb in under 0.4 seconds. Peridot is a key part of earth's secret defense team. Peridot was also once tricked by bill cipher and nearly destroyed. After that Peridot formed rainbow Suga-Perilite and has intrusted you all with upgrading and helping peridot's log grow. Anything you make here might be usefull to peridot. So log anything you can think of and Peridot will be proud of you. HI! I am a swan. This is my swan song. Tre la mi. Mi mo ma. La de dee do. Ho hum. Godbye I am a swan.