"One must only 7x2=4:5'95]?+a2li_cake, and the rest becomes clearer, but not clear enough"

The Equation of Inexperienced Experiences, also known as the question of log_conv3rsatioN_ism%6!1? is a answer to a question that was predicted by an X'ptho of unknown name about 76 billion years before Bill Gates was born. The question in theory, could cause the Iphone 360420DB to exist only if it was solved by a person who knew the basics of [REDACTED]. As follows, the question's answer has been found and is part of a much bigger problem surrounding the basis of &#3.

e*šùÒ1Á$~6w¨dTÙ2…ÙÈÓé~þÃO´)½!D	νKIsY,ò˜½�²Ê\;*J%îÃç»�Ä no�ü{ívï¬Qÿ�Á�z÷ÜOë‡^ZŠŒu�WD�Ž×¸|–ž�÷‹óT�ÛLor�UJùv|´9šˆÍè÷y�ëHÈ-öMìü/~zÏŸ¹n¡ÃÓÎEfÛ]Ê ñqÎ�@Q�5AyÙñ�t¸�™üð*ÎÐëÉõWˆ»ŽJË(�U¸&s:/#’ ��Hv:kÏkÐЃúVp�`0¥b³œ©Yp–±Qí¢ïØ$u™¶]Ô:^?êÓî�œ—m�ÎÑFz¿÷=_6-ŸÑ]ª= ‰N’sÐK[�¨�»�y™A

This answer, if used correctly, could cure LeafyIsHere of his extreme cancer.

e*å¡ã¹ ã’1ã $~6wâ¨dtã™2…ã™ãˆã“ã©~â ã¾ãƒoâ´)â½!d ãžâ½yeet,ã²ëœâ½ â²ãš\;*j%ã®ãƒã§â» ã„ no ã¼{ã­vã¯â¬qã¿ ã zã·ãœoã«â€¡^zå å’u wd å½ã

The above text seems to have supernatural ability's - An O5 of class a or higher will need to investigate

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