Undertale 1.5 is a game designed to connect with the original undertale. Some of the characters and the way the plot works interconnects this game with the other one. Such as events that happen in undertale carry across to undertale 1.5 and explain it's plot. This game is one of many endings. It breaks the 4th wall almost entirely, and breaks it forever. It does so in a way similar to Undertale, But does much better in doing this. The game will actually delete your save files on occasion. And it offer's many many secrets. The game has probably more content in secrets than normal. You can literally ask the owner (MinecraftMaster3345) To add anything and he will. Currently there is a room full of bushes that upon interacting give usernames. And some secrets that only happen in a 1/10000 chance exist. There is no way anyone will find all of them. But he says it will be fun too see people try! However it is possible the game will never be released. It probably contains too much undertale music... The game will not cost any money when completed. It is a indie game.

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