W.D Gaster is a strange being that resides in a unknown location. Many clues to him can be found at kellogg middle school. His name is listed in some places. Although not on the roster... He can be found sometimes editing class google docs with weird cryptic messages. He also refers to teachers by alternate names such as Temmie and Gasterblaster_01... No one has ever met him before, only seen hints at him on the internet or in their school project. It is possible to share a project with W.D Gaster through his email account that is as follows: After doing this this share page should turn to say W.D Gaster instead of the email. That's great, you are now in contact with W.D Gaster. W.D GASTER seems to have based his online portfolio after the w.d gaster from Undertale and seems to reference himself similarly. Accually no one knows what W.D Gaster's face looks like at all. Only that he either never went to kellogg. Or he was deleted from records. Curiously enough he cannot be found in any state records either. Meaning his name is probably not W.D. Next to nothing is known about why he does what he does.

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